September 4, 2016



  1. Completed Loan Application form
  2. Application Letter by Applicant
  3. Letter of Undertaken by Applicant
  4. Letter of Undertaken by Guarantor
  5. Copy of Identity card of Applicant
  6. Copy of Id card of Guarantor
  7. Bank Statement
  8. Applicant’s cheque leaf (6)
  9. Guarantor’s cheque leaf(6)
  10. Guarantor must be a salary earner which statement of account must reflecting salary payment.
  11. Board Resolution on Letterhead (If using Company’s cheque)
  12. Letter of Undertaken by Proprietor on letterhead(lf using business name cheque) 13. Certificate of Incorporation, Form C02, Form C07
  13. Proforma Invoice (For LPO’s, Transporters, Financing)
  14. Collateral (150% coverage over the Loan Sum- Subject to Company’s valuation) 16. For Loan of l Million and above – Landed Property having original copy of C of O / Registered Deed of Assignment (to be kept in custody of the Company).

Note: A Non- refundable sum of N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira) to be paid to the Company to conduct a search which does not automatically guarantee approval of the Loan request.

17. If Car (Car must be parked or tracked)
18. If Car (Insurance documents)
19. If Car (Proof of Ownership and registration)
20. If Third Party’s car is used, Letter of undertaken/consent showing approval by the owner to be used as security/collateral.
21. If Gold (Subject to Company’s valuation and to be kept in our custody upon approval and disbursement)
22. Guarantor must be a salary earner either a Civil Servant or a Banker.